Microblading NYC: How It Became So Trendy?

Microblading NYC: How It Became So Trendy?
June 21 01:51 2018

Microblading is the technique of implanting pigment, almost like a tattoo, into your brows; the pigment is painted on as fine hairs to give a natural look and the process is semi-permanent. However, with good care and regular top ups this procedure can last for a life time.

How is it done?

The beautician uses fine needles to hand draw the strokes on and into your skin. Unlike actual tattoos, microblading only lasts up to a year (maybe even less). This is because the needles don’t penetrate your skin as deeply and so fades with time.

Why is it done?

Many men and women lack thickness when it comes to eyebrow hair. As the eyebrows frame your face; this leads to a rather odd looking visage.

Thin eyebrow hair can happen due to a number of reasons:

  1. Poor diet:

Nutrition plays a big role in determining how your hair grows. Your eyebrow hair is very much like the hair on your head; both of them are affected by similar factors. A poor diet can lead to a thinning of hair not only on your scalp but on your face as well. An imbalance in the nutrients in your body could lead to thinning hair. For ex: deficiency in iron, additional intake of vitamin A etc.

  1. Medical conditions:

There are several diseases out there that severely retard the growth of or even damage completely the hair on your body. They include hypothyroidism, alopecia, hyperthyroidism, lupus etc.

  1. Over plucking:

Full, thick eyebrows are all everyone wants right now. But about 10 years back, thinner eyebrows were in fashion. This caused a lot of men and women to over pluck their brows. The thing with over plucked brows is that they might not grow back properly and as a result a lot of people end up with thin, faint brows.

What you have to be careful about?

The microblading nyc is all the rage right now. However, microblading is an expensive treatment and not everyone can afford it. This leads to a surge in normal everyday beauticians promising micro blading treatments as effective as a branded parlour. However, it is advisable to carefully pick the establishment you go to for this procedure. Once done , it costs even more to redo it, not to mention the fact that you would have to walk around with a “clown” face of sorts.

Set aside time for the procedure. Professional salons that practice microblading nyc take a whole two days to complete the process. One day is set aside for consultation; where in you would discuss with the beautician your brow specifics. After everything has been decided upon the tattooing begins. The second day is then used for a follow up session.

Microblading is a great way to ensure you wake up with flawless eyebrows.


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