Vegan Makeup Brushes – Where Are They?

Vegan Makeup Brushes – Where Are They?
October 05 01:04 2018

It is so easy to miss. We see a nice set of vegan makeup brushes at an excellent price, maybe in a pharmacy or supermarket, and we buy them. But, as animal lovers, we must be more cautious. Most of these brushes, although they are economic in monetary terms, obtain a much higher price in terms of the suffering of the creatures. We have to be as attentive as our cosmetic brushes, since we are talking about our cosmetics.

What not to buy

When you buy brushes that do not have a special label upside down, there is a possibility that the brushes are at least partially made from the fur of the animals. Therefore, rule number one: if you do not belong to the trusted manufacturer, do not buy makeup brushes that are not labeled as ruthless, vegan or 100% synthetic.

Why buy vegan makeup?

For every “important” ingredient that demands cruelty to animals, there is a vegan variant that looks and works just as well. Vegan products also contain less ingredients that irritate the skin.

When you buy vegetarian makeup, you know that you do not put on your face any product based on animals. The big cosmetics companies are public, which means that their first obligation is to make money to their shareholders. This means that these public cosmetic companies make decisions, mainly motivated by money, not for the welfare of animals or people.

Vegan Makeup Brushes

While they can sell products to the public with cheap ingredients based on animals, they have no reason to explore other options. When choosing vegetarian makeup, invest in compassionate companies that develop their products without ingredients of animal origin or testing. The more people buy good, vegan, and ruthless cosmetics, the more money will come from motivated cosmetic companies who will see vegetarian and ruthless cosmetics as a profitable opportunity and will change their business practices. Or I could simply continue to support those good companies that were comprehensively vegetarian and without cruelty from the start.

What’s up with the Vegan makeup brushes?

The makeup looks good if you apply it with the right tools. For decades, “natural” bristle brushes were the only way to obtain even coverage and predictable results. These natural bristles are animal skins and animal hair, which are often the result of cruelty to animals.

Horse hair comes from animals that are full of food. Other animals hunt and get trapped. The animals used in the fur industry spend their lives in narrow cages and often die by suffocation, electric shocks, gases and poisons. Many natural bristle brushes come from China, where animals are beaten or bled, hung or cut alive.

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