4 top ways of designing a T-Shirt

December 24 06:09 2014

Various kinds of t-shirt designs are available in market, and it is quite important for the customers to choose the perfect design which can improve their looks and also make a new addition in their wardrobe. T shirt is one of the ways of looking cool, and everyone would like to make sure that he has the best t shirt printing design Singapore which can complement his looks and personality. In order to make choice of an appropriate design and get print t shirt in Singapore it is important to consider the below mentioned factors.

Screen Printing

This method is widely used for printing or designing a t-shirt. The process can be broken down into few steps which includes the following;

  • Artwork has to be taken up on the t-shirt.
  • Then each color will be separated and printing on t-shirt can be done.
  • The film can then be used to create or burn the screen and it has to be coated with light sensitive emulsion.
  • The silk screen can then be used to printing color on the t-shirt.

The size of print on the shirt is limited to the size of the screen. People looking for basic designing can use screen printing on their t-shirts.

Large format designing

Big prints can also be printed on t-shirts which shall cover most of the part on t-shirt, but some portions on the t-shirt will be left out like sleeves, collar or bottom. This method is quite similar to screen printing method, but the only difference is large screen are used for printing the t-shirt. These kinds of t-shirts are gaining popularity but it may cost you more, so be ready to pay for it.

Printing all over the t-shirt

Herein the t-shirt has prints over the entire shirt, something which will even cover the collar, sleeves or bottom of the t-shirt. This kind of printing is done with the help of a machine called belt printer, however other methods can also be used which includes dye sublimation and super sized silk screening. For the ones who are thinking of opting all over printing then they must be aware of its limitations as mentioned below;

  • Visual inconsistencies may occur on the t-shirt. This is one of the traits of overall printing
  • The number of colors is limited in case of overall printing t-shirt. Only a maximum of three colorss can be used in this case of printing.
  • T-shirts with this type of printing is not available at every showroom.
  • This kind of printing is feasible where the quantity of t-shirts to be printed is less. The iron on transfer is an easy to use and affordable option. Simple steps have to be followed for making shirt of this type. Being such an economical product one can get print t shirt in Singapore but not to forget it has some limitations as mentioned below;
  • The maximum size available in this form of t-shirt is 8.5×11.
  • This kind of printing fades out very early in comparison to the screen printing method.

These are four top ways, which can be used to get the Best t shirt printing Singapore which is according to your choice and preference.

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