Biggest Beach Wedding Dress Trends for 2015

Biggest Beach Wedding Dress Trends for 2015
January 20 07:47 2015

Gentle waves cascading on the shore or listening to the roaring ocean as you walk down the aisle towards the podium to take vows of an everlasting bond with the love of your life is undoubtedly exciting. So, if you are planning to get married in Bali, how about a beach wedding? This is one of the most popular destinations among couples all over the world. The enchanting spirit and the romantic atmosphere make it an ideal paradise for lovers. Now that you have decided to tie the knot in a beach, it is important to select the perfect wedding wear that compliments the event and the venue. Here are some of the trending wedding wears for beach for the year 2015.

wedding dress in Bali for men

For The Groom to Be

  1. Its beach after all and you do not have to put up a sturdy, rugged or formal look. So, wedding dress in Bali for men will be relaxed and informal. You can keep the formal look but there should be a style quotient aligned to it. White, light blue or yellow tailored shirt can be the ideal one for beach along with a pair of white linen pants. Your shirt needs to hug the body properly making you appear smart than a regular fit. The sleeves of your shirt should be rolled up. This look is complete with a white webbed belt and sandals or coded deck shoes.
  1. It is not necessary to wear any shoes because it’s a beach after all. So, if you are looking for a classical yet casual look get married in your baggies. But if you are not comfortable with this idea, go for a simple pair of black linen pants with a white shirt or you can even try out other wedding colors. You can even wear lapel open shirt teaming it up with a beige summer blazer and black and white boat shoes.
  1. How about putting up a funky look on your beach wedding with lighthearted attire? A tailored white shirt with a pair of beige shorts paired up with a dark summer blazer with deck shoes can create a great appearance for the groom. Since it is a beach wedding, a starfish or sea shell boutonniere looks good for the theme. Apart from this, a pair of chinos with a short or long sleeved white shirt can also create a real beach wedding feel along with a natural fibre trilby hat.

For The Bride to Be

  1. As for the latest beach wedding wear for women are concerned, fabrics like chiffon and organza remains the most preferable choice even for the year 2015. Brides usually like to wear a gown that compliments the sea and hence, light and flowy material that moves with the sea breeze is very popular. These are Goddess style gowns with detailed handwork that make them more glamorous outfit and perfect for beach.
  1. If you are bold enough, then beach is a place to show off your skin. These wedding dresses are short and flirty. However, the bride needs to have a good figure to put on such a fashionable piece of work, otherwise it can look hideous. These bridal dresses stay clear and clean from the sea and sand. You can even wear designer shoes, which otherwise could have been hidden due to the long wedding gowns. If you are getting married in Bali where summer is whole year around, then go for strapless. The bare and arms are the perfect choice for a sunny beach wedding.
  1. Lacy bridal gown looks beautiful, especially when you are having a beach wedding. These outfits come in varied lengths. So, if you are ready to show some skin and planning to wear a short wedding wear, then laces can be a good option. The soft and soothing handwork with laces are making a big appearance this season.

Apart from the groom and the bride, the guests should also commemorate their stay in Bali and experience a beach wedding syncing in with the mood. You can always add colors to your outfit or put on something light. Usually, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen already have to wear a set patterned outfit to complement the appearance of the wedding couple. As for the rest of the guests, you can enjoy the mood of the island and try on anything that makes you happy and comfortable for the day.

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