Common Mistakes Which People Make When They Are Designing T-Shirts

Common Mistakes Which People Make When They Are Designing T-Shirts
March 01 02:54 2017

Designing your own t-shirt is an exciting alternative to buying clothes off the rack. You can put your own personality into the t-shirt and it will be a completely unique piece of clothing that will make you feel confident and will catch the attention of people around you.

There are several common mistakes that you will need to avoid. These mistakes can make a t-shirt look amateurish.

Colours Which Are Too Dull

You want your t-shirt to stand out from those around you. You will not be able to do this if the colours you choose are extremely dull. Grey and brown should be avoided. Black is acceptable if it is teamed with more vibrant colours.

These dull colours might make your t-shirt seem indistinct.

Images Which Are Too Small

Many people who design their own t-shirts want to have an image on the front or the back. This will express your personality as well as catch the eye of people who are passing in the street. The image will need to be large so that it can be transposed successfully onto the t-shirt. If the original image is blurred, then it will not look good on the t-shirt. Design your own t shirt with large images.

Writing Which Is Too Small

The writing on your t-shirt will be pointless if it is too small to be read at a distance. People will only look at your t-shirt for a matter of seconds, so the writing has to be large. The text can be accompanied by an image to draw people’s attention to the slogan.

Writing Which Does Not Stand Out Against The Background

The writing on your t-shirt will definitely not stand out if the writing is a similar colour to the background. People will struggle to see this writing and they will just think that the words are a pattern instead of a slogan.

Writing Which Uses An Indecipherable Font

Slogans need to be written in a clear font so that they are easily readable. Sometimes people choose writing because it looks aesthetically pleasing without being readable. If you want to choose a difficult font, it would be more sensible to get rid of the writing and have pictures printed on the t-shirt instead.

Images Which Dominate Text

Images are extremely important in helping your t-shirt to stand out against the others. However, if the image is too large, it can dominate the text and make the t-shirt look amateurish. It is important to strike a balance, so position the images in such a way that they complement the text rather than overwhelming it.

A Design Which Is Too Cluttered

Simplicity is key when it comes to designing a t-shirt. If your t-shirt is too cluttered with words and images it can be off-putting and people might think that your t-shirt is ugly. Choose one key image and then a few words to go along with it. This will ensure that the design is simple.

You will need to consider all of these common mistakes when you are designing your t-shirt. Remember to let your imagination run wild.

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