South Sea Pearls: Make Sure That You Are Getting the Original Ones

September 16 07:15 2015

Those who love pearls know for sure that pearls are timeless and can beautify each and every occasion. However, the question is, is the type of pearls that we get in the market today genuine? No one really knows the answer to that. Well, you can try it for yourself. Search for “South Sea Pearls” online and you will get thousands of listings.

The truth is only 1 out of 100 dealers are actually genuine ones. For those who are not aware of South Sea Pearls let us discuss a little about them.


What exactly are South Sea Pearls?

South Sea Pearls are pearls which come from huge oysters found in the South Seas. These waters are considered as native of large oysters – the Pinctada maxima. These oysters grow up to 12 inches in diameter and are expected to have much larger beads than any other salt water oysters.

By now you must have surely realized that these pearls are not cheap, and there is no chance that these can get sold for $99 a strand. Ornaments like pearl bracelet, necklaces and earrings are also advertised at low prices in order to attract innocent buyers, but the truth is they are all made of fake pearls.

How to make sure if the dealer is genuine or not?

When you are looking for pearls online you might come across plenty of postings which may have great photos and necessary description too. The photos may seem very tempting. Pearls advertised may have very good luster, brilliant colors and everything that you are expecting but the truth is they are not real. Next time when you are searching for pearls online, look for the words – Sea Shell Pearls in description.

If you come across these words, it means the dealer is selling lab-created pearls instead of the original ones. These lab created pearls are exactly like the real ones and they are not cheap too. Therefore, make sure you don’t fall for them and end up spending on something which was never worth it.

Pearls which come from oysters get their natural color from nacre. They certainly can be bleached to enhance their whiteness, but mostly no dealer will do that since these pearls have great exotic colors. Also, since they are rare and expensive, why would anyone tamper with their quality?

Keep one last tip in mind, original South Sea Pearls are rare and thus very expensive. If any deal seems too good to be true then it in all probability is.


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