Trendy Hair Cuts for Black Women

Trendy Hair Cuts for Black Women
May 18 07:43 2015

Most of us spend hundreds of dollars on buying designer clothes, shoes and makeup. We buy all matching stilettos, jewellery and other accessories to match the outfit. We put on makeup according to the time of the day. But how many of us care for our hair? Or for that matter give a good thought about a good hair cut? Hairs are such an important part of both men and women’s beauty but very rarely cared about.

However times are changing now. People have started caring equally for their hair and its beauty too. Hair and fashion industry is growing at a very fast pace now. There are trained and specialized people who give tips to keep hair beautiful and gorgeous. They help to maintain the lustrous and bouncy hair and help to maintain their beauty according to your personality and the work you do.

There are so many varieties of short haircuts for black women and the number of hair dos is even more. Haircuts are usually done according to the shape of your face and also how well you can carry it off.Hair Cuts for Black Women

Like on a round face- short and bob may not look as good as shoulder length or long hair will look. On a slim face- short and puffed up hair will give the required missing shape and will add to the personality.

But irrespective of what the shape of your face is, if you can carry a hair style and a hair cut well, no one matters what the shape and haircut correlation is? And most importantly you should be absolutely comfortable with that haircut and should not be hindrance to your daily routine work.

Extremely short Simple Hair:  Are you sportive and like to keep everything short and simple? If yes, then this is your style. This is such a simple and easy to carry anytime and anywhere. The best part that you won’t take a lot of time for hair do with this easy to carry style. Just put on your favourite party gown and the matching jewellery and you are ready for the party or put on your favourite jeans and a T-shirt and go out with your best buddies. This is the most loved hair styles of a busy woman these days.

There are several other hair style options that you can go for. From Short curly hairs with afro look to Curly short hair with semi braids, short curls, dreads, short straightened hair, huge afro vintage styles hair cut, dreads, curly bobs, rebellious pink looks and more – all you need is to choose the right cut as per your face type.Trendy Hair Cuts for Black Women

Few tips to remember:

Whatever cut you chose or whatever is your hair length is or what kind of hair do you like; irrespective to these, entire just make sure you give proper care to your hair.

  • Make sure that your keep them clean but at the same time over shampooing can do damage rather than of doing any good.
  • Similarly too much o hot tool can also dry up the natural oil of your hair, making them dry and unhealthy. So limit the use of flat hot irons, curling wands, blow dryers etc.
  • Also make sure that you choose the right size of your hair brush, as wrong size can pull your hair and you may end up losing hair.
  • Don’t become a guinea-pig of all styling product available in the market. Today there are thousands of such products that have flooded the market, some of them are really good but do not experiment with anything and everything that you see.
  • And last but not the least don’t skip your regular trimming as it will help you to look tip-top at all times.

Short hairstyles are the new way to make a statement. However, having short hair doesn’t mean you don’t need to take the necessary care. Go for frequent trims to maintain your hairstyle. Use pomade, gel and hair waxes to keep the shape of the hair but use them less frequently. And make sure you wash your hair each time you use hair products. So, go and get the most eye-catching haircut that suits you the best.

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