Where can I find safe hair extensions in London?

Where can I find safe hair extensions in London?
September 18 09:24 2015

There are plenty of hair salons across the UK, and especially in London. They will greatly vary in terms of their size, credibility and their value for money, and so you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to potential places to get some hair extensions, but make sure that you do take every factor into account so that you can ultimately get the best deal on what you are looking to buy.

In addition to those salons there are also going to be a lot of shops and stores that sell the extensions themselves. These will often be lower quality extensions and sold in bulk to those with less disposable income as an inferior product, but it is important to note that they are there in any case. As much as you may feel that there are a lot of things wrong with these extensions as I do it still must be noted that they are on sale as well as the higher-end salon quality human hair extensions.


Something that is often overlooked in a consumers eyes after the more regular cost and quality controls is the question as to whether the extensions you are planning on wearing or having fitted are “safe” or not. Safety in terms of a fashion accessory may sound and seem a little strange, but for hair extensions it is something everybody who buys them should think about even if the risks are massively minimal. It shouldn’t be even close to a consideration whether you bother to ensure your health or not, and if you have a feeling that a particular hair extension type is even slightly unsafe then you should look for a better alternative, as putting yourself at no risk at all is far better than a chance of a disaster for your hair.

The safest hair extensions that you will be able to find in the London area will definitely come from www.Inanch.com. They have a team of seasoned stylists that are 100% committed to all human hair extensions, with some clip-on, keratin bonded and micro-ring varieties which are all to be considered safe hair extensions.

Some of the extension types that you probably want to avoid would have to be synthetic extensions and glued extensions. Synthetic extensions are essentially hair extensions that are produced from plant fibres, and for this reason are extremely sensitive and reactive to heat as well as moisture. Therefore, in order to be safe with these extensions you would have to not use any sort of straightening or curling devices as well as showering or colouring hair with the extensions in. This safety as a trade-off and as a substitute for a huge lack in styling capabilities is a big problem for most people including myself, and so stick with the human hair.

Glued extensions are a safety issue as they have the potential to cause scalp burns and hair loss if not heated and applied or removed properly. This is something else that is not worth the risk for a slightly cheaper and yet inferior product, and so make sure that you visit a top salon with the right kinds of safe hair extensions in London to make your experience with them ever more magical.

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