If You Feel You Need Help, This is Something You Should Consider

If You Feel You Need Help, This is Something You Should Consider
June 10 05:07 2018

We always expect and hope life to be all rainbows and sunshine. What we don’t expect are the thunderstorms. Ups and downs are a part and parcel of every life. Now here comes the irony: during the ups we have people running towards us to celebrate and share our happiness. But during the downs, we see many of them run farther away from us or remain silent. Having said this, do not consider all those around you to be fake. Some might have retreated because they really do not see a way to help you out and those who do stay alongside you might be eager to judge you. It is true that most people do not possess the skills required to tackle tough situations, make decisions, and handle emotions. Here is where we need to turn to an expert; a counselor for a counseling.

Why counseling?

What do you do when you get high fever? With several fatal illnesses around, you’d rush to a hospital to see a doctor. When we get a physical ailment, we see a doctor. Similarly, when one suffers emotionally, he/she should go for counseling. Here is why a session with your counselor is recommended.

  • Counselors have an unprejudiced opinion on what you share with them. There are rare chances that your counselor would ever have met the people whom you are talking about. Therefore, their opinions would not be in sympathy with them and nor will your emotions seem invalid.
  • A counselor will allow you to talk your heart out. A problem that arises when we share issues with our friends or family is that you risk the chance of being judged instead of being given a chanceto speak your mind.
  • Sometimes, you cannot go and do everything just by yourself. You would not expect someone who has just been back after a major surgery to conduct their daily affairs all by themselves! It’s the same way with those suffering from depression, fear or anxiety. They require care, attention, and compassion.
  • Your counselor will definitely care for you and is the person best equipped to help. You might be wondering why trust a stranger with your problems. Well, this is no ordinary person who is just a mere stranger. He/she is someone who chose to dedicate their entire life to build a career in a profession that cares about the well-being of the people around them.

A session with a professional counselor has helped save the lives of many. If you have people who judge you for it, it’s time you’ve ruled them out and opted for help from an expert!

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