Choosing plazo suits according to your skin tone

Choosing plazo suits according to your skin tone
December 01 00:04 2015

Plazo suits have become a rage in the ethnic fashion world. Every woman now and then is seen flaunting one. However, when you buy a plazo suit, how carefully do your choose its color? Choosing a color can be a confusing task, when nature has so many beautiful varieties of them. Wearing the right color on you is a style statement which can stand out from the crowd. But to know what color would suit you, you need to understand the need of your complexion. Each complexion is beautiful, be it dark or fair, but each has different set of colors which would complement them. And we are here to help you with that.


Fair skin – Brown/blonde or red hair, which one do you have? Find yourself look for a summer shade? Well if you have a fair or pale complexion with light features, the hues which contrast with this skin tone literally will add some color to your skin tone.

Best colors – You should wear dark colors like black, grey, burgundy, brown, navy blue, bottle green and other shades of blue. All of these go really well as a contrast to pale skin.

Worst colors – Always avoid pastel and soft shades, or any bright color. These will wash out the skin tone. And this goes even for neutrals. Instead of light beige or white you should choose from rich colors like sand, khaki, camel or slate grey. If you have rosy cheeks, you can even try out the red color plazo suit for a very cute look.

Medium tone – if your skin is olive toned which tends to get tanned rather than getting toasted under the sun, you have probably what is called a warm complexion that goes well with a larger number of colors compared to those have fair skin.

Best colors – Most colors suit a person with a warm complexion but you of course should ensure that you dazzle in the crowd. So choose colors which are a bit darker or brighter than middle ground.
If you want a neutral color, go in for pale beige over warm sad. Or you can try out a dark shade of purple instead of the mauve color.

Worst colors – A medium tone skin has green or yellow undertones and hence you must not wear shades of colors which are very much close to the color of your skin tone.  You do not want to end nude totally, i.e. your skin color blending with the color of your suit. Colors you should avoid include mustard, pistachio, mocha brown and olive.

Dark complexion – Girls with a dark color can wear any color without having to break their heads much.

Best colors – A dark complexioned skin goes with basically every color. So you can choose a plazo suit in any color that you like.

Worst colors – One color you should avoid is brown. It does not suit dark complexion.

So, next time when you indulge in plazo suits online shopping, do not forget to consider your skin tone. Each tone is beautifully but can be made more beautiful with the right choice of color.

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