Using Your Trainers to Transform Your Outfit

September 01 05:55 2015

Trainers were originally designed and worn by athletic men, but now they are being worn by more women than ever before. Additionally, trainers are being paired with business casual wear and can even be worn in the workplace. As trainers continue to move into different fashion industries, there will be more opportunities to use them to complement your outfit. The following five tips will put you on your way to becoming a trendsetter.

Create a Theme and Make Your Trainers Match

The first step to dressing up your trainers is to make sure they match with the rest of your outfit. In a sense, you want your outfit to have a theme, and your trainers should complement that theme. For a business-casual theme, wearing a nice pair of clean-cut trousers or a nice length skirt with white or matching trainers would work nicely. The most important point is to ensure that your trainers blend well with your outfit and fit with your theme.

Your Trainers Should Not Be Distracting

Trainers come in many different colours, but in order to dress them up nicely, you do not want them to be overly distracting. This means that going with simple colours and designs is preferable. The purpose of trainers is to add a finishing touch to your outfit, not to be a central focus. Overly complicated styles can be a major distraction and throw off the theme of your outfit.

Make Sure Your Trainers Look New

In order for trainers to become a part of the business casual trend, they need to look new. Overly worn trainers are not acceptable unless you are in a tennis match. When wearing trainers for street style and business casual looks, they need to look as new as possible.

Trainers should show little to no wear in order to be appropriate for fashion purposes. Scuffs and marks should be buffed or removed with polish. If the marks cannot be removed, it is simply time for another pair of trainers. Cheap women’s trainers can be found with ease online; thus, there is no excuse for worn trainers.

When in Doubt, Go With Neutral Colours

Classic and timeless trainers that are simpler and are offered in neutral colours are the best for dressing up. When in doubt, always go with either white or black colours. The more neutral, the better when it comes to dressing up your trainers. Neutral colours make it easier for your trainers to complement the rest of your outfit.

Use Patterns to Make a Statement

Patterns are a way to make a statement. The first four tips still matter when you are wearing patterns. For example, you want the patterns to match the theme of your outfit and you do not want them to be overly distracting. However, patterns can play more of a central focus in your outfit. Wearing a neutral blouse or top will give you more room to wear patterned trainers. Patterned trainers can range from being cute to being edgy; either way, they can help you take your theme to the next level.

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