Why Should You Consider Buying Pepper Spray For Protection?

July 16 06:11 2015

Knowing how to defend yourself in any situation is becoming increasingly important in modern society, especially in the USA where around 300,000 people are the victim of a rape or sexual assault each year and thousands more have their possessions stolen from them.

Having adequate protection can help you to avoid that situation, which is where pepper spray comes into play. There are many advantages to using pepper spray and it is an excellent last resort for those who become the victim of an attack and need to make a hasty getaway.

Gaining Distance

Once an assailant gets close to you it becomes much harder to fight them off, particularly if they are larger or more powerful than you are. Buy pepper spray for protection and you will be able to create distance between you and your attacker and ensure they don’t get in close.

Pepper sprays can shoot anywhere between 8 and 20 feet, depending on the make, and the threat of getting sprayed is more than enough to show most people that you aren’t an easy target.

Disabling The Attacker

Pepper spray isn’t just a preventative item that dissuades people from attacking you, it can also be used to disable the attacker and place them in a state where it is easier to escape them or have them arrested.

Should you end up having to use the spray your attacker will be hit with a burning sensation that causes their eyes to close shut and often leaves them flailing around on the floor. The effects can last anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, providing you with plenty of opportunity to make your escape.


One of the main advantages of using pepper spray for protection is that they are also extremely portable and can be carried in pockets or hand bags, so that you never have to worry about being weighed down.

This also makes it much easier to use, should the occasion call for it, as you can simply grab your spray and wield it, without having to worry about whether it is too big for you to carry.

Ease of Use

In addition to all of this, pepper spray is extremely easy to use. No specialist training is required to get the hang of things, as you simply need to wield the pepper spray, point it at the assailant and then shoot.

These means that you won’t have to worry about fumbling around with the device trying to get it to work and you can instantly go on the attack against an assailant without having to engage your mind too much.


There are few better ways to protect yourself when you are out and about than using pepper spray. Using pepper spray for protection makes you an instant threat to anybody who may be considering doing harm to you or those who are with you, ensuring that you have a way to fight back should the situation start to escalate.

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