As Good As New? Second-Hand Rolex Watches

As Good As New? Second-Hand Rolex Watches
October 09 09:28 2014

The Rolex brand is synonymous with luxury. These are watches that not only look amazing, but also keep impeccable time. Owning a Rolex watch is not just a fashion statement — it is an investment. As it’s one of the most respected prestige brands, it can come as no surprise that the Rolex watches are highly sought after. For this reason, the pre-owned Rolex market is extremely competitive. Rolex watches not only retain their value really well, but they are also very easy to sell on should their owners feel ready to upgrade their timepiece at any point. Having said this, it is not unusual for collectors to keep hold of older or classic models, with the aim of passing these precious heirlooms down to their children and grandchildren. Look carefully, however, and you will find a range of pre-loved Rolex watches available from a number of sources. So anyone can have a taste of luxury and class without emptying their bank accounts.

Beware of Counterfeit Watches

As with buying any pre-owned goods, it is important to take extra care when purchasing used Rolex watches. The quality and price of even the pre-owned models are such that there is a market for people to create fake timepieces. These can actually look very authentic, but they lack the quality of the real thing. Keep a very close eye out for these counterfeit items and always ensure you buy your pre-owned Rolex from a trusted and reputable dealer. If you do come across a company or individual attempting to pass off fake copies of the Rolex brand, you may want to consider informing the relevant authorities.

What Are the Benefits of a Second-Hand Rolex?

The number one benefit is, of course, the cost. Not many people are able to afford a brand new Rolex timepiece. Purchasing a used Rolex watch will enable the buyer to save money or to buy a newer or upgraded model for the same price as they might have considered paying for a new model. This is a very popular solution for those who have to have the highest spec possible.

A further benefit to the pre-owned Rolex market is the availability of those models for which production has been discontinued. There is a vast amount of choice available for these collectors’ items, so buyers can take time to search for a watch in the best possible condition.

Due to the high price of Rolex watches, wearers generally take exceptional care of them. As such, pre-owned models in ‘like new’ condition can be found. Condition should really be one of the primary considerations for those purchasing a pre-owned Rolex timepiece. A Rolex watch in excellent condition will ultimately retain its market value. This is especially important for those who may sell the watch on in the future when they wish to upgrade to a different or newer model. It is very important, therefore, for anyone who owns a Rolex to take the best possible car of it.

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