Men’s Wedding Band Shopping Basics for Women

Men’s Wedding Band Shopping Basics for Women
September 27 06:39 2014

Wedding days are so exciting. Not only does it mark the day when you get to publicly profess your love and commitment to your life partner, but it’s also a special time to share with all of your family members and friends. That’s why there tends to be an innate pressure to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

So, as you’re in the process of checking everything off your to-do list, when you get to the part where you need to select a wedding band for your fiancé, make sure that you keep the following points in mind. By remembering these five basic shopping tips, you’ll be able to get the kind of ring that will put a smile on your future beloved’s face from the very moment that he sees it.

Think about his personal style. Just like you have a personal style when it comes to the kind of wedding band that you want, so does your fiancé. In fact, that’s one of the first things that you should take into consideration when shopping for his wedding ring. Does he want a thin band or a thick one? Does he want gold, silver, or maybe something unique like wood? When it comes to what his personal preferences are, it’s actually best if you discuss it with him before making a purchase. Remember, this is something that he is going to have on for the rest of his life.

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Think about his lifestyle. Another thing to factor into your decision-making process is your fiancé’s lifestyle. Does he work construction? Is he a musician? Maybe he’s a doctor. When it comes to these types of professions, for the sake of safety, he’s probably going to have to take his ring off while at work. Therefore, he would need a ring that can be easily removed from his hand – but at the same time – cannot be easily lost and is not super expensive (in case it does need to be replaced). Something that can fit these criteria is a wide band made out of titanium. It’s durable, it’s affordable, and if it ends up getting any scratches on it, they can easily be removed by buffing them out.

Think about what kind of metal he’d want. Speaking of titanium, another reason why it’s such a favorite among many jewelers is the fact that it is biocompatible. This means that it’s one of the metals that does not cause allergic reactions, regardless of someone’s skin type. That said, something else that you should definitely take into consideration is the type of metal your fiancé would want to wear. If you’d like to read up on some of the pros and cons of several of them, visit Ross-Simmons and put “ring metals” in the search field.

Think about if you want your bands to match. Whether you decide to shop for a wedding ring at Titanium Era or someplace else in your area, don’t forget to think about whether you and your man want your wedding bands to match. Although there is no marriage etiquette rule that says you have to do it, some couples find it to be a nice touch. Just keep in mind that if you do want them to match, it’s best if you go shopping together.

Think about your budget. Being that wedding bands can range from under a hundred dollars to well into the thousands, definitely take your budget into serious consideration. You want to get a nice band for your husband-to-be; however, remember that it shouldn’t be at the risk of blowing your budget in the process. For tips on how to buy a wedding ring on a budget, visit eBay and put “wedding bands on a budget” in the search field.

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