Top Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day Party

April 24 11:34 2015

Mothers are the special women in our lives who nurture us with unconditional love. As such, Mother’s Day must be celebrated with special care for our moms. One can present her with Mother’s Day jewelry gifts.  But better than this is to give her a grand surprise that will make her happy- throw her a Mother’s Day party with her as the ‘Queen of the Day’.


  • Mother’s Day Invitation: Organize a surprise Mother’s Day party by inviting friends and relatives. Take care not to send an improper invitation. Invitations can indicate who all are invited to stress the importance of the event. If you are short of time, make calls to invitees and ask them to keep the party a secret.
  • Party Decoration: Decorations are important while organizing a party. It depends on the taste of the person for whom the party is hosted. So, decorate the venue with your mom’s favorite flowers. If the venue is your home, change its look by dangling some family photos. Banners saying- “We love you Mom” or “Mom, You are special” can be put up.
  • Theme party: A theme for a party adds to the excitement and fun. Go for themes that suit all age groups –like a color theme or a retro 60’s look theme. You can have a hobby based theme like a dance party or a “Blast from the Past” party.
  • Types of parties:
  • Brunch at home: Host a brunch at home. Bake a quiche or serve muffins, tossed salad and fruit. Finish the party by serving tea, coffee, Bloody Mary, and dessert.
  • Tea party: Send away the guys and host a quaint ladies-only tea party. Host from mid to late afternoon and serve tea and dainty snacks like muffins, scones, sandwiches, fruit, dessert and biscuit in buffet style with plenty of time to giggle and enjoy.
  • Garden party: If you have a garden, in May the spring shrubs and flowers will be in full bloom. Take your brunch outdoors. Take out the crystal and china and use authentic tablecloths, floral centerpiece arrangements and napkins. If you don’t want to cook, serve cold cuts, pasta and salad from the supermarket
  • Backyard BBQ: A simple and enjoyable meal. Heat up the grill and BBQ the meats: chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks. Round off with corn on the cob, pasta salad, beer, soda, wine, and dessert. Serve in paper plates.
  • Party Music: Music can raise the energy level of any party. For Mother’s Day, special songs praising mother can be played. One can play light music as background to the party and turn on loud music when the group is ready to hit the dance floor.
  • Party Games: Add some zing to the party by holding some party games. Play some special games where you and your friends can compete with your mom and her friends. Games include Dumb Charades, Passing the Parcel or Bombing the City.
  • Video of Memories: Mother’s Day is also the perfect occasion to showcase your memories using a collection of videos of family moments from the previous years.

So, just don’t sit back, throw a party to make her feel special and show how much you appreciate her for being in your life.

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